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Michael Glauche mg at
Wed May 23 05:10:42 GMT 2001

  actually this exists in the TNG version of samba,
should be only a matter of matching the RPC calls :)


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> Mike Rylander wrote:
>> Perhaps I am not setting something up properly, but is there currently a
>> way to have the NT Server Manager app retrieve the proper information?
>> If not, it seems that most of the information that the app requests is
>> available ala smbstatus, but only the share list seems to contain valid
>> data. If the Server Manager did get the proper data, it seems (to the
>> untrained eye) that it may not be too difficult to allow remote
>> disconnection of users by domain admins.  Though, mind you, I can't
>> offer any direct help in implementing this, I would be able to supply
>> and data needed (network traces and whatnot).
> Yes, exporting all this data (which you are correct in assuming
> is available via smbstatus) via mmc and NT server manager is on
> the roadmap for later 2.2.x releases.
> It's a matter of filling in the relevent RPC replies correctly
> (we already know most of the info levels). A "simple matter of
> coding" in fact :-) :-).
> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy.
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