Help Please - none posix systems

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at
Tue May 22 11:25:28 GMT 2001

> > Any idea what would be the best for non posix systems ?
> > What would scale best on small 'embeded' systems ?
> If you said 'non posix systems' means 'non exist inetd,

Nahh, we have an basic bsd based stack.

> I have two idea:
> First, the best but most difficult way is re-construct samba to take
> strategic buffer management such as malloc()/free() not to 
> produce fragments
> owned by system malloc library. It is because some of these 
> incleased resource
> seems to be owned by system malloc library's fragments.
> Secondly, I would think more realistic and reasonable way is 
> execve() samba-self
> after fork(). This costs equivalent to fork/execed from 
> inetd. And this does
> not inherit parent daemon processes' resource. Of course, if 
> system has XPG4
> specification vfork(), the costs is less than fork().

We do not handle them not at all since these system calls
are Unix specific and not part of the Amiga operating system

I guess an interesting point tho,
I hope to allocate more time to investigate.


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