pam_nt_dom and winbind problems

Luke McKee luke at
Tue May 22 04:07:07 GMT 2001

Hello there,

I am having a few problems getting pam_nt_dom to work and likewise with
winbindd (appealing to tng-users only)

First of all I had a stab at getting the latest and greatest winbind to
Wbinfo works in all regards except for wbinfo -t (to check the secret).
When I start wbinfo up for the first time it creats a nearly empty
secrets.tdb file.

The samba server is configured to be a member server using domain
I had to create the /etc/samba/MACHINE.SID file myself and it is
wbinfo -n `cat /etc/samab/MACHINE.SID` confirms this.

samedit ntlogin command does not work. Is this due to the local machine
account not correct?
I found something to suggest this before in /var/log/log.nmbd but now
when it starts up it now logs: adding trusted domain OURDOMAIN and lots
of chatter about verifying policies.

Simple question - how do I make winbind work ?-) i.e how do I add
download the shared secret to the local linux machine from a NT 4.0 PDC? doesn't work for me. Doesn't log anything and doesn't do
any network traffic. :-(

I gave up on trying to use pam_winbind also so I reverted to instead.
The following error is coming up in syslog.

PAM unable to dlopen(/lib/security/
PAM  [dlerror: undefined symbol: wp_get_default_domain]

No dlls seems missing when I type ldd /lib/security/

Is there some dll I have to link to when compiling pam_ntdom_auth from
samba tng CVS?

Best Regards,


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