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Michael E Osborne mosborne at
Mon May 21 22:23:11 GMT 2001

I agree with you. Those comments are just nonsense.  I'm a long time Samba
user and it has been nothing short of just wonderful. Samba is the most
reliable SMB server that I have ever used and I have used many. One of my
Samba servers has been in continuous 24x7 use for over 13 months serving
over 500 users. That's why I use Samba.

Andrew Tridgell <tridge at> on 05/20/2001 10:21:46 PM

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Subject:  Re: Help Please

>   "Don't use Samba, at least none of current available."
>   This is because Current Samba still have extreame number of
>   memory leak, especially when you know that daemon process will
>   soon exit(). They simply throw cleanups to OS.

you are talking complete crap

We run Samba under insure to catch memory leaks. If you know of a
memory leak then point it out rather than just sending such crap to
the mailing lists.

>   Fixing this will become extreame works. Sometimes making Yet
>   Another Smaller Samba might be of less work.


> # One of the reason is that Samba-team is very slow against this
> # kind of fix to be patched to original. Even if you find them,
> # they'll not be checked until next release, and meanwhile, because
> # of functionality addition, your patch does not match anymore.
> ## This doesn't mean bug is gone. Only, line number changed.

Kenichi, you continuously make annoying comments like this. When you
send patches that make sense and that we agree wiith then we will
integrate them. Instead you say things like "all development must stop
for 6 months" which is completely insane.

We have committed over 3000 changes so far this year. Thats over 20
per day. And you complain that we are slow??

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