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Wed May 23 15:23:27 GMT 2001

> > > 2.2.2. I would love to help in any way I can. Is
> > > there an existing strategy for implementation?
> >
> > Can I second this strongly.  Why was it taken out? It
> > seemed there in older PDC versions of Samba? Needless to
> > say this is crucial for most NT admins willing to switch,
> > such as me.
> >
> > I basically need this:
> ...
> ok.  I'm getting just a little irritated at these
> types of posts.  The fact is that the older version was
> broken.  It was a first implementation that had scalability
> problems. (This is not the first time I have responded to this
> question).

> **Please** read the archives before you ask about a feature
> or bug.  We are trying to be as responsive as possible
> and still have a life. :-)

As my original post said, I did read/search the archives to no success.
They are quite big you know, and even searching thru doesnt always hit
everything you are looking for. I even tried to look thru each and every
single post from march on, I must have been to stoned to catch it.

My original post was also my first ntdom post, and I apologzed in advanced
for not finding the answers myself. Hereby I reapeat that apology.

I truely love Samba. I have been using it as a stable replacement for some
buggy OS I learned to despise in my 15y working career as an Office IT
specialist. Im good at what I do.

The last step in my optimizing stability in my current working enviroment
is, perhaps, utilizing Samba PDC.

If you guys succeed in that, I can promise you a major victory, as in we a
fast growing ADSL/ISP provider in Europe will standarize all countries on
Samba PDC.

We currently employ Samba on most of our solaris boxes as the means to get
data to wintel enviroment. We also employ Citrix metaframe on WinNT 4
terminal Server, connecting about 200 users to 4 Citrix Servers every day.

I would love to help you coding, but Im not expirienced in it. I can do
no-brain monkey search/replace work, or I can do testing on our
Solaris/NT4 TS/Combo. I can write docs.

Im willing to spend time, mail my name/addy to anyone who can use me, or
point me to the proper way of making myself avail?

To end it, I have not taken offence in your no-flame, please dont take any
offence in my ignoreance :-)

Greetz and very good luck with all

Richard van Beers

"Right theory, wrong universe..."
Zebediah J. Carter

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