Samba memory malignancy under SPARC Solaris 2.6

Keith Farrar farrar at
Mon May 21 09:30:38 GMT 2001

I have observed smbd processes grow by 80 - 115 MB on my servers (two
SPARC E450s running Solaris 3.6) within a few hours. The memory growth was
not observed with the previous binaries (2.0.5).

Unfortunately, I do not have something more useful to contribute (such as
a patch or core file).

The servers use fairly generic configuration files, with a couple of
exceptions. They disable all oplocks, and use file inclusion to import
dynamically generated home directory and project directory shares. The
share lists are extracted from our NIS automount maps, with 1500 shares on
the bigger server and 900 on the lesser server. The files named by the
include directives are recreated (over-written) every twenty minutes.


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