Codepages proposal ... Resend with added info

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sun May 20 05:47:23 GMT 2001


[I have modified my stance on sources, as it seems that there are valid
reasons for having the codepages sources on the system.]

Having looked at the codepages issue, I think that the following should be

1. Codepages should be sent to /usr/share/samba/codepages if you are
building an FHS compliant system.

2. The various packaged should install them in /usr/share/samba/codepages.
Esp RedHat and Caldera etc

3. They should be installed in the standard location if you are not trying
to be FHS compliant (ie /usr/local/samba/...)

4. Under normal circumstances the codepage sources are not needed. However,
some people need to develop their own codepage support and do not want to
download the entire source tree. That being the case, it should be possible
to include the sources to the codepages when installing, and perhaps binary
packages should consider doing this by default.  If this is done, it seems
that the PROPER place for the code page sources is
/usr/local/share/samba/codepages/src, not /etc/samba/codepages/src.
[Comments please].

5. There may be issues with packages like the RedHat RPM in changing the
location of code pages. That is, the old locations may need to be cleaned up.

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