Redhat comments with upcoming release of 2.2.1

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu May 17 16:56:06 GMT 2001

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Shirish Kalele wrote:

> > btw....I'm curious why the path check will be slower even with
> > host msdfs = no.  I'll dig through the code and look when I get a chance.
> > In my mind, the cost should be conditional to the 'host msdfs' being
> > enabled.  Otherwise the symlinks will be treated normally.
> >
> Yes, it is conditional to "host msdfs" being set, but even if it is
> set to no, we still need to make this extra check (for "host msdfs")
> that wouldn't be there without any dfs compiled in. Now that I think
> about it, I wonder if this boolean check counts for much though..

I thought you were saying that the extra check was caused by an extra
lstat or something.  I'm sure the if (lp_hosts_msdfs()) cost for somthing,
but we would need to profile it to see how much it adds up to.


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