Redhat comments with upcoming release of 2.2.1

Shirish Kalele kalele at
Thu May 17 16:54:30 GMT 2001

> > I assume you mean we build dfs into samba by default. Would it be better
> > make --with-msdfs the default and leave people with the option to not
> > compile it if they don't want to? With dfs compiled in, even with "host
> > msdfs" set to no, every path lookup will slow down ever so slightly to
> > this check.
> btw....I'm curious why the path check will be slower even with
> host msdfs = no.  I'll dig through the code and look when I get a chance.
> In my mind, the cost should be conditional to the 'host msdfs' being
> enabled.  Otherwise the symlinks will be treated normally.
Yes, it is conditional to "host msdfs" being set, but even if it is set to
no, we still need to make this extra check (for "host msdfs") that wouldn't
be there without any dfs compiled in. Now that I think about it, I wonder if
this boolean check counts for much though..

- SK

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