MS-DFS root dir access hangs if one ore more referred servers are down

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed May 16 13:37:43 GMT 2001

On Mon, 14 May 2001 06:44:40 Joachim Keltsch wrote:
> And I'm especially keen on the MS-DFS part, in which 
> I unfortunately found a problem.
> On browsing filesystem trees a NT Workstation seems to 
> lookup files called "desktop.ini" in each node.
> It also seems to do so in some sub nodes within 
> a DFS share which results in a DFS referral to that 
> machine.

The desktop.ini is an "Active Desktop" thing IIRC.
Anyone know how to disable this?

> Unfortunately this lookup/referral seems only to 
> happen when the corresponding server is unavailable.


> This makes browsing DFS root directories very slow 
> from DFS clients since it hangs with each referenced 
> server not available at the moment. We first thought this 
> were name resolution problems but were proved false. It 
> really concerned machines being down at that time only.
> serving the same shares from an NT DFS Server does 
> not produce the hangs even within explorer.

ok.  I'll work on some testing.

> I can supply the complete level 5 log file of that 
> session (700kB) if you are interested or create one 
> with a higher lock level. However, it seems easy to 
> reproduce, so you might not need it.

Go ahead and send me these (offlist of course).

Cheers, jerry
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