Samba 2.2 & CVS head ACL modifications

Timo Teräs timo.teras at
Wed May 16 12:55:32 GMT 2001


It's great to see support for ACL's on Linux XFS filesystem.

There's few problems though:
- On 2.2.0: When changing ACL from Win2k the Add User to ACL dialog
  shows only local groups. Local users on my samba server are for some
  reason skipped.
- With CVS HEAD (today checkout): The Add User to ACL dialog by
  default shows all domain users/groups. When I try to search the
  samba servers users/groups the Win2k complitely locks up. And the
  smbd process eats all cpu cycles.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing these problems?

And when will the new group mapping code will be ready, so
I can select domain users/groups when changing ACLs from W2k
instead of local ones?

Best regards,

timo teräs
software engineer
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tiedepuisto 4c, 28600 pori, finland

tel: +358 2 6250 5224
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