Jus ported Versio 2.0.8 to OS/2

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Wed May 9 15:38:53 GMT 2001

Do you have a web page or ftp site for this port?  If so, we can simply
add a link from the Samba mirror sites.  If not, then perhaps we can help
find a web site for your port.

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> I've just ported version of SAMBA 2.0.8 to os/2 do you want to have the
> binaries ? source ?
> i have some problem with swat because inetd on unix machine redirect
> stdin & stdout to the ip scoket
> and than call swat, on os/2 inetd call swat with argv[1] set to the
> socket number and does not redirect stdin
> stdout so i'm writting a inetd_unix that redirect stdin, stdout to a
> pipe call swat listen to the socket a writte to the pipe because socket
> on os/2 are not part of the file system we cannot do fgetc,fwrite etc...
> function on it
> I've also a problem with my pgcc compiler to make the smbwrapper.dll
> during the assembly phase of pgcc
> it complain about error i'm searching.
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