no getpwuid() with winbindd

Olaf Marx omarx at
Thu May 3 10:46:34 GMT 2001

I'm trying to use the nsswitch module. Everything compiled fine and I was happy to 
see my NT-domain-users with 'getent passwd'. BUT 'getent passwd 
MYDOM+myuser' doesn't work. 'ls -l' returns only numeric uid's for domain 
members. After I tried a 'ls -l' , 'getent passwd' returns only the local users for some 
seconds. If I try it again 30 sec later I get the complete list again. I tried to write some 
lines of code and found that getpwent() works, but getpwuid() and getpwnam() don't. 
Any ideas ? 


Olaf Marx
spot systems
Email: omarx at

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