Win2K(maybe) printing crash with 2.2.0

Magnus Naeslund(f) mag at
Wed May 2 06:17:32 GMT 2001

Hello all.
I upgraded our systems to use samba 2.2.0, and everything went great except
with the printing.
All our windows clients are Win2K Pro (after a major upgrade here).
I don't know if the Win2K part is relevant, i haven't checked any other
windows version (i'm in a hurry).

For the record, i'm NOT into the samba code at ALL, so this report might be
a little strange to you, but i just needed to fix the problem in half an
hour and just attached the damn debugger to the crashing process(es) and
this is what i came up with.

It crashes in sid_compare(...) util_sid.c:454, wich is called from
se_access_check(...) in util_seaccess.c:250.
It seems that it gives sid_compare a bad sid pointer (i don't even know what
a sid is).
When i checked the sid pointer from the user parameter it looked very

user->nt_user_token->user_sids == 0x2000

user_sids, shouldn't that be a pointer?
If it is, it looks funny.

Since i haven been subscribed to this list in a while, i just wonder if this
is a known problem?
Is there a fix for it?

I just disabled the access check on printing (because it doesn't matter to
us) with the patch below.

Magnus Naeslund


--- samba-2.2.0.vanilla/source/printing/printing.c      Sun Apr  8 22:22:53
+++ samba-2.2.0/source/printing/printing.c      Wed May  2 07:32:04 2001
@@ -827,7 +827,7 @@
        user_struct *vuser;

        errno = 0;
        if (!print_access_check(user, snum, PRINTER_ACCESS_USE)) {
                DEBUG(3, ("print_job_start: job start denied by security
                return -1;
@@ -837,7 +837,7 @@
                DEBUG(3, ("print_job_start: job start denied by time
                return -1;
        path = lp_pathname(snum);

        /* see if we have sufficient disk space */

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