WINS and international netbios names

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> > PS: What's NBNS?
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> NetBIOS Name Service -- another way of saying WINS

Well...  The NetBIOS Name Service includes 'B' mode activity, which is
accomplished without the existance of a server.  In the RFCs, the term
NBNS refers to the server (as you correctly point out).  The server is
only needed for P and M mode activity (and H mode, though H mode was added
by Microsoft after the RFCs were published). 

So, being pedantic (it's what I do best!), the service as a whole is the 
NetBIOS Name Service, and the server required for cross-subnet name 
resolution is the NBNS, or NetBIOS Name Service Server.

The terminology is not the best, but I like "NBNS" better than "WINS".

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