S99samba and S33Samba

Makis Marmaridis makis.marmaridis at angusknight.com.au
Fri Mar 30 01:36:58 GMT 2001


upon quick inspection, it looks to me like S99samba is the only file you
need. However, at the moment it seems to be running at run level 2 (see how
it is in rc2.d directory?).

I would suggest you move the file from there into the /etc/rc3.d/ directory
instead - so it runs at run level three instead. Oh and also get rid of
S22smbd alltogether!

As a side note, if I were you I would refrain from posting this sort of
"usage" type questions in Samba Technical. You might like to try the general
Samba (samba at samba.org) list instead next time. Thank you for your



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> I have: /etc/rc3.d/S33smbd  & /etc/rc2.d/S99samba. attached.
> Do i need both?.
> sAm
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