Problems deleting a print job using cli_printjob_del

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Mar 29 07:05:48 GMT 2001


I am trying to track down a problem with deleting print jobs from
libsmbclient, which I could have sworn was not there a little while ago,
but I have now updated to Samba 2.2.0 Alpha3 and the problem is there.

I cannot delete a print job using cli_printjob_del, and the respose I get
back is something like not permitted, and the error message in the log file
is 'attempt to delete job 645 not seen by lpr'.

This despite adding a 10 second pause between adding the job and trying to
delete the job.

I notice that there are some differences between the SMB formatted by
cli_printjob_del and what, say Win9X formats. In particular, fields like
MaxParameterCount and MaxDataCount are different between Windows and
cli_printjob_del (4 to 1024 and 0 to 65535 in each case) as is Data Offset
(0, 83 or some such).

I will do some more investigation and try to make sure that these fields
are the same, but wonder which routine is generating the funny error
message above?

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