Browse List Mangling

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Mar 29 06:07:40 GMT 2001

At 03:56 PM 3/29/01 +1000, Tim Potter wrote:
>Martin Sheppard writes:
>> We are in the situation where we will end up consolidating over 5000 
>> computers into a single Windows 2000 domain. As a result we will end up 
>> with a a rather large browse list for this domain, which it will be no fun 
>> using. I am working on a possible solution to this problem by setting
>> up as a local master browser for the domain and getting it to alter the 
>> browse lists that it serves out in various ways.
>Sounds neat!
>> Would a generic mechanism for doing browse list mangling be of interest to 
>> other people?
>How do you handle locking of the browse.dat file?  Can smbd/nmbd
>try to read the file while it is being written by your perl
>How about something like a 'browse list filter' hook that calls
>some program and returns yea or nay for adding a name or returns
>a modified name and type.

This was my first thought on the subject, but I fear that this will be far
too slow if each name has to be submitted to a script or program when Samba
is processing a NetServerEnum request ... Remember, Martin said he has
potentially 5000 names in the list.


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