document your parameters -- or "needed updates to smb.conf(5)"

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Wed Mar 28 20:40:03 GMT 2001

Here's the update I tried to submit to

Q. How do I get printer driver download working for OS/2 clients?

A. First, create a share called PRINTDRV that is world-readable.  Copy your
   OS/2 driver files there.  Note that the .EA_ files must still be
   so you will need to use the original install files, and not copy an
   installed driver from an OS/2 system.

   Install the NT driver first for that printer.  Then, add to your
   a paramater, "os2 driver map = <filename>".  This parameter is added by
   the patch.  Then, in the file specified by <filename>, map the name of
   the NT driver name to the OS/2 driver name as follows:
   <nt driver name> = <os2 driver name>.<device name>, e.g.:
      HP LaserJet 5L = LASERJET.HP LaserJet 5L

   You can have multiple drivers mapped in this file.

   If you only specify the OS/2 driver name, and not the device name, the
   first attempt to download the driver will actually download the files,
   the OS/2 client will tell you the driver is not available.  On the
   attempt, it will work.  This is fixed simply by adding the device name
   to the mapping, after which it will work on the first attempt.

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On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Gerald Carter wrote:

> >  dos filemode = No
> >  posix locking = Yes
> >  total print jobs = 0
> >  vfs object =
> >  vfs options =
> >  os2 driver map =

These have yet to be documented (probably my fault:) ), but I need
a brief description on these.  I could look through the code
and make it a learning experience, but....

Could the authors of these send me a quick blurb?

Cheers, jerry
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