Ownership of Samba code [Was: Re: VxFS quotas]

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Tue Mar 27 18:08:01 GMT 2001

andrew morgan wrote:
> Excellent, another reason for netatalk to go GPL.  There has been
> (understandably) a heated discussion about this on the netatalk lists.
> One question is the legality of changing the license from BSD to GPL.  Is
> this possible?  Do we just branch at some point, saying that the code is
> now GPL, or do we need permission from every person that has contributed
> code?

That would be wonderful - there is much code we could
then share.

No you don't need permission from the authors to do this,
it's the same as taking a BSD licensed product proprietary.

So long as you keep the authors copyright then you can switch
the license to GPL and keep everything else the same - essentially
this is just a new fork.


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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