International charset in path/file names

Matthew Geier matthew at
Tue Mar 27 05:00:36 GMT 2001

Teus Hagen wrote:
> Is there a way to map international chars in path/names from Windows
> filesytem to UNIX filesystem? Eg if characters with a diaresis
> are in a name of the path/file the Windows application will fail
> using samba.

 Im having a similar problem with a windows 2000 client who uses Asian
scripts. When a folder or file name is copied to the samba server, the
name of the folder as displayed in windows ends up garbage (and often
cannot be opened, or if the folder can be opened, all it contains is
itself and not the files) and on the Unix side I end up with things like
'?????' as a folder name and names inside it like '? ? ? ? 29-37.doc',
where the ? represent the Asian characters. Apparently when this person
was using windows 98, they could at least get their files back agin (im
not sure if the names were properly preserved or not, but they didn't
'lose' the files).

 I assume this is some sort of unicode mapping problem - I noticed
looking at these files and folders in DOS
box in windows 2k shows the same ??? name for the folders. Using dir /x
to reveal the '8.3' name enables
me to navigate the folders. Looks like Samba is taking the 'dos' version
of the ascii name and trying to use
that and then comming unstuck badly on the ?s.

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