VxFS quotas

andrew morgan morgan at orst.edu
Mon Mar 26 21:53:30 GMT 2001

I'm running Samba 2.0.7 on Solaris 8 with Veritas File System v3.3.3.

Samba fails trying to get the quota on a VxFS partition.  Here is a chunk
of the logs at debug level 5:

[2001/03/26 12:41:18, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(285)
  disk_quotas: looking for path "." devno=254013560
[2001/03/26 12:41:18, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(336)
  disk_quotas: looking for quotas file "/users/u1/quotas"
[2001/03/26 12:41:18, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(354)
  disk_quotas ioctl (Solaris) failed. Error = Inappropriate ioctl for
[2001/03/26 12:41:18, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(358)
  disk_quotas: VXFS_QUOTA: mount type "vxfs"
[2001/03/26 12:41:18, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(360)
  disk_quotas: Trying VxFS quotactl call..
[2001/03/26 12:41:18, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas_vxfs(762)
  disk_quotas: looking for VxFS quotas file "/users/u1/quotas"
[2001/03/26 12:41:18, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas_vxfs(779)
  disk_quotas ioctl (VxFS) failed. Error = No such process

This is on a 120GB partition.  I've got my quota set to:

[root at raven fs]# vxquota -v morgan
Disk quotas for morgan (uid 27832):
Filesystem     usage  quota  limit    timeleft  files  quota  limit    timeleft
/users/u1          8   1000   2000                  2      0      0

The code seems to be failing on this call:

  ret = ioctl(file, VX_ADMIN_IOCTL, &genbuf);

where ret = ESRCH (errno = 3).  I can't for the life of me figure out what
"No such process" has to do with this.  The samba code seems to be
following some examples I've seen from Veritas.

Is anyone running VxFS with quotas?


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