Every 6 minutes ... broken pipe

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Mon Mar 26 13:08:25 GMT 2001

> Objection, m'lud: the password server connection idles out anyway! That
> is *why* the broken pipe messages occur every time the timeout

in that case we need to find out why it is dropping the connection and
fix it. Not doing the keepalives (or equivalent) is *not* an option
with security=server.

I suspect that keeping a pipe open is the right solution.

> Why do we need the password server connection nailed up? Surely once the
> user has been authenticated it isn't going to be needed again?

not so. Clients do session setups on a live connection for various
reasons. It isn't common, but it does happen. It happens lots if the
client is a windows terminal server.

> One thought though: I use inetd to run my daemons - does smbd run parent
> daemon mode use a single authentication connection, or is there still a
> seperate authentication connection for each child smbd?

one for each child. Sharing it would be a *very* bad idea as then you
would have the same crypt-key being re-used. That would allow someone
with a sniffer to break into the server.

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