DOS and UNIX formats on samba drives

Hauf Jochen Jochen.Hauf at FFM7.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Mar 21 14:58:39 GMT 2001

I was realy surpriced when I saw that !

I created a file on a samba network drive to UNIX by a 'C' program.
because I already knew that DOS has hex 0A  and a hex 0D a the end of a line
and I wanted to
make files created on WIN NT  readable to UNIX and VMS , I decidet not using
\n but only hex 0a at the end of the line.
after that I found out that I am still see the same format with vi on UNIX
like every other DOS file.
So I wrote a 'C" program reading out each character from that samba mapped
The result was following :
in DOS I got :   text " hex 0A" text       like I wrote it before 
reading the same identical file from UNIX I got   :     text   " hex 0D"  "
hex 0A" text 

So my question is : How is that possible , I thpought  i am reading the same
file ?????

Is anyone here who can ask ? thanks a lot

best regards

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