samba-2.2.0p1: IRIX 6.5 and AUTOMOUNT

Tomoki AONO aono at
Mon Mar 19 07:22:23 GMT 2001

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Knut.Hellebo at wrote:

>> I have problems getting 2.2.0p1 compiled on a IRIX box running configure

It seems to be 2.2.0-alpha1 ... (2.2 is not released yet.)

>> with --with-automount option. The compilation bombs on lib/substitute.c
>> saying


>> This leads me to believe that the automount_lookup routine is not
>> defined but if I put in a 
>> extern char *automount_lookup(char *);
>> for testing in the lib/substitute.c file, I get automount_lookup
>> unresolved when linking. The only definition of the automount_lookup
>> function I can find, is in lib/util.c but somehow this definition does
>> not seem to get included when compiling lib/substitute.c Any ideas ?

automount_lookup() exists as static function in old
version of lib/util.c. But this problem is fixed (changed
to normal (not static) function) in current CVS source
tree (SAMBA_2_2 for now, but you can easily apply this
change in other branch), so try this (or wait for next

(Though I think moving automount_lookup (and related
functions) from lib/util.c to lib/substitute.c would be
better than current approach ...)
Tomoki AONO	(aono at

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