Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Mar 19 04:39:39 GMT 2001

> Yes, I think that's the problem. ADMIN$ is a disk
> share, but AS/U connects to it as a disk share then
> starts doing IPC (RPC calls) down it.

The thing I didn't realise is that NT allows IPC calls on any disk
share. I had assumed (incorrectly) that IPC calls should only be
allowed on IPC shares. It will be interesting to test IPC calls on
disk shares at the next CIFS bakeoff. (yes, samba does support them).

So the correct fix is to roll back my changes, and mark it as a disk
share with no filesystem access possible. We'll need to make sure the
test for filesystem access is very robust.

> My plan is to get Herb to re-test with Andrews changes,
> and if it breaks AS/U he may need to roll them back
> (oooh - that would be a first to my knowledge :-) :-).

a first? You must be kidding. You've found bugs in my code heaps of

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