User Manager for Domains on Win9x

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Tue Mar 13 23:28:43 GMT 2001

>> Ok, I've figured out the general problem on User Manager for Domains on
>> Windows 9x (says "The R. P. C. failed").  Seems to be that while it uses
>> MSRPCs to get the info, it doesn't properly respond to the 0x80000005
>> warning.  It responds (and gets from an NT server) properly to an ERRDOS
>> class 234 error...
>> ***********
>> What would be the right place to detect and decide what the client
>Great work ! How about this patch, which is how we do it
>in other parts of Samba ? If it works for you let me
>know and I'll commit it.

Yup!  That does it!  I verified on netmon that it doesn't change how NT/2k
works (32-bit 0x80000005 error), and fixes how 9x works (ERRDOS 234).


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