smbd unicode conversion

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Mar 13 23:11:35 GMT 2001

I've nearly completed the conversion of the head branch smbd code to
use unicode on the wire. Feel free to test the head branch code if you
want to see if it works for you. Currently to enable unicode you need
to set the environment variable SMBD_USE_UNICODE prior to starting
smbd. eg:

  SMBD_USE_UNICODE=1 bin/smbd

Once I've finished converting the last few functions I will enable
unicode by default and create a smb.conf option to turn off unicode

This conversion won't help people using multi-byte languages. We will
be unicode on the wire, but internally smbd will still use ascii, with
all conversion happening in the srvstr_pull() and srvstr_push()
functions. The next major step will be coming up with a way of
correctly handling multi-byte languages internally. I'm still looking
at ways of handling this and don't yet have a really good solution.

On a completely unrelated topic, for those of you who like irc I
thought I'd give #samba-technical a go on and see
if it is useful. If you do join then please don't try to use it as a
general Samba help channel - I'm hoping it will be a useful forum for
discussing current issues in Samba development.

Cheers, Tridge

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