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Tue Mar 13 22:35:05 GMT 2001

drhodes at wrote:
> Hi,
> We are currently looking at introducing Gigabit into our LANs (Cisco switches, Solaris / Sun Enterprise Series hosts, Linux / Intel hosts) and I am seeking information on Gigabit NICs people are using with success.  I have been read and been told about the ACEnic card as a prefered card, but have read that it is now at 3com and refered to as a "Legacy Card".
> (
> My question is if there is another card people recomend based on their experiences with Samba / other applications on Linux and Solaris.
> Also has any body used the cards below. If so, what were your feelings on them:
>   Syskonnect - SK-9843 (SK-NET GE-SX)
>   3com - Gigabit EtherLink Server
>   NetGear - GA620
> Any feedback greatfully accepted.

I wouldn't think that the card would make much difference to Samba
whatsoever. You would be more likely to run into problems with support
for your operating system. I recommend checking with your OS vendor for
information on supported hardware and with the vendors of the NICs to
see which operating systems they support. Having said that, there
appears to be a fair amount of support for 3com cards out there.

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