Gigabit networking and samba

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Tue Mar 13 11:56:55 GMT 2001


We are currently looking at introducing Gigabit into our LANs (Cisco switches, Solaris / Sun Enterprise Series hosts, Linux / Intel hosts) and I am seeking information on Gigabit NICs people are using with success.  I have been read and been told about the ACEnic card as a prefered card, but have read that it is now at 3com and refered to as a "Legacy Card".


My question is if there is another card people recomend based on their experiences with Samba / other applications on Linux and Solaris.

Also has any body used the cards below. If so, what were your feelings on them:

  Syskonnect - SK-9843 (SK-NET GE-SX)
  3com - Gigabit EtherLink Server
  NetGear - GA620

Any feedback greatfully accepted.


David Rhodes
email:drhodes at
Network Operations Center
Information Technology Services
Deakin University
Geelong, Vic,

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