directory listing bug in samba ?

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Mar 12 17:52:01 GMT 2001

"Dr.Matthias Schlett" wrote:
> Last week I sent a mail to samba at about GFS and samba,
> but no answer yet from the samba team. Now I report the situation again:
> One of my file servers participates in a GFS filesystem. Samba shows in
> every directory of GFS a directory .. which expands to the parent
> directory tree. The GFS team says that this must be a bug in Samba:
> <A HREF="mailto:conrad at">conrad at</A> wrote :
> What is probably happening is that samba is making incorrect assumptions
> about the way that the filesystem returns directory listings.  My guess
> is that samba is assuming that the dir entry .. is the second item in
> the directory, which is not nessacarily true.

No we don't make any assumptions about the position of ..
in the directory listing.

Can you explain exactly what is incorrect about showing a ".."
and what you expect to see please ?

Alternatively, I know Matt O'Keefe of the GFS Team, you can
get them to contact me directly if you'd like.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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