directory listing bug in samba ?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Mar 12 19:45:55 GMT 2001

Sorry, but I do not know anything about the GFS filesystem and I do not 
understand the problem.  The '..' is the parent directory under DOS and 
Windows and all Unix filesystems of which I am aware.  How is it a bug to 
provide a path to the parent directory?

Chris -)-----

> Last week I sent a mail to samba at about GFS and samba,
> but no answer yet from the samba team. Now I report the situation again:
> One of my file servers participates in a GFS filesystem. Samba shows in
> every directory of GFS a directory .. which expands to the parent
> directory tree. The GFS team says that this must be a bug in Samba:
> <A HREF="mailto:conrad at">conrad at</A> wrote :
> What is probably happening is that samba is making incorrect assumptions
> about the way that the filesystem returns directory listings.  My guess
> is that samba is assuming that the dir entry .. is the second item in
> the directory, which is not nessacarily true.
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