Patches for Solaris 8 compile

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Fri Mar 9 11:10:09 GMT 2001

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Toomas Soome wrote:

> David Lee wrote:
> > Hey!  I'd not thought of that one.  And one of things we've been wanting
> > ourselves is exactly such a "wall"-like facility for occasional use (when,
> > for some unavoidable reason, we have to do something drastic to the server
> > and irritate the 800+ simultaneous users... ).  An interesting possibility
> > (the wall thing, not irritating the users, obviously(!)).
> > 
> > Can this be for real, or am I dreaming?  What extras would be needed to
> > make it work, I wonder...?
> hm actually, to send winpopup, you need onlu wins name and perhaps ip.
> wins name is in utmp, session list is in utmp, nmblookup is there as
> well and of course smbclient to send popup. so, relatively simple script
> is needed to extract "targets" from last command output (or directly
> from (u|w)tmp[x] - with perl for example), so this winwall depends only
> on utmp registering. 

Scott Gifford's earlier message seemed to be suggesting the possibility of
"wall" itself (and write(1) and other "off-the-shelf" UNIX utilities etc.)
working.  Presumably this would be by the "/dev/smb/<n>" being available,
and something, somehow, somewhere, converting a "write" to it into a
WinPopup.  If this is reasonably cleanly implementable, it sounds a most
attractive option to have available at certain particular sites.

(I can well understand that other sites might want such an option firmly
"off"!  but this is what options are all about.) 


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