Patches for Solaris 8 compile

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Fri Mar 9 10:15:06 GMT 2001

On 8 Mar 2001, Scott Gifford wrote:

> David Lee <T.D.Lee at> writes:
> > As I understand (I may be wrong), "utmp*" support requires some sort of
> > "line".  This is what the "/dev/smb/1" invention is: in one sense, simply
> > a marker.  But I also tend to agree with Jeremy et al that Samba probably
> > should not be diddling with such (pseudo-)devices in the system.
> I believe that the line is used by commands like write(1), to pop
> messages up on the screen of the logged in user.
> This is way outside of the scope of Samba, but it would be very cool
> to create pty's for users logging into Samba, connect them to their
> smbd, and translate any write(1)'s to them into WinPopup messages.
> For users with WinPopup support, that would make standard system
> things like wall(1) messages before system shutdown automatically work
> for users connected via Samba.

Hey!  I'd not thought of that one.  And one of things we've been wanting
ourselves is exactly such a "wall"-like facility for occasional use (when,
for some unavoidable reason, we have to do something drastic to the server
and irritate the 800+ simultaneous users... ).  An interesting possibility
(the wall thing, not irritating the users, obviously(!)).

Can this be for real, or am I dreaming?  What extras would be needed to
make it work, I wonder...?

Being able to create "/dev/smb/<n>" sounds like a useful option to have
available.  (Whether "utmp create line" is the right name, or even the
right model, probably requires more thought with a cooler head...) 



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