Patches for Solaris 8 compile

Scott Gifford sgifford at
Fri Mar 9 03:46:28 GMT 2001

David Lee <T.D.Lee at> writes:

> As I understand (I may be wrong), "utmp*" support requires some sort of
> "line".  This is what the "/dev/smb/1" invention is: in one sense, simply
> a marker.  But I also tend to agree with Jeremy et al that Samba probably
> should not be diddling with such (pseudo-)devices in the system.

I believe that the line is used by commands like write(1), to pop
messages up on the screen of the logged in user.

This is way outside of the scope of Samba, but it would be very cool
to create pty's for users logging into Samba, connect them to their
smbd, and translate any write(1)'s to them into WinPopup messages.
For users with WinPopup support, that would make standard system
things like wall(1) messages before system shutdown automatically work
for users connected via Samba.



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