Winbindd - Samedit

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Mar 8 10:15:53 GMT 2001

Grant Torresan writes:

 > Now, I tried this.  I connected to my PDC for my domain (usind samedit) as
 > Administrator, and once I was in, I issued the command as shown above.  I
 > get a very upsetting message back, however, and it is this :
 > Could not find server for domain MSP.

OK - which version of samedit are you using?  The version living in the
SAMBA_TNG or APPLIANCE_TNG branch is the best one at the moment. 

Next, do you have a WINS server configured on your network?  Does 'nmblookup
PDCNAME' find the PDC?  Did you compile samedit to look in the same
--prefix directory as smbd/nmbd?

 > WTF is that all about? I AM connected to that server already! It doesn't
 > have to LOOK for the server for that domain, because it IS THE SERVER FOR
 > THAT DOMAIN!  So how am I supposed to do this if samedit can't realize that

Well yes it does - since samedit is a separate program from smbd or nmbd,
it needs to locate and make a tcp/ip connection to the PDC on the network.


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