cohabiting Windows and OS/2 printer driver download

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Mar 7 19:50:11 GMT 2001

On Wed, 07 Mar 2001 13:37:57 Jim McDonough wrote:
> I've got an interesting situation here.  We're wanting 
> the ability to have a single printer have drivers for both 
> OS/2 and Windows.  OS/2 downloads drivers from the PRINTDRV 
> share, and if you use the "printer driver =" parameter to 
> give the file name within that share, all (well, most of
> it) works fine for OS/2.  The problem is...Windows and OS/2
> might not have the same printer driver file name.


Have you run through the notes on the driver namespace problem
between Windows 9x and Windows NT/2000 (PRINTER_DRIVER2.txt or the
"Printing Support in Samba 2.2.x" chapter in the 

It sounds very similar to what you are describing.  Also be 
aware that the 'printer driver' parameter will be considerd
depreciated in Samba 2.2 (as will 'printer driver location'
and 'printer driver file')

> The printer driver name seems to be passed around in 
> windows structures, like NT_PRINTER_DRIVER_INFO_3, which 
> don't have any extra room for another field for an OS/2 
> driver.  However, we can detect if the client is
> OS/2, so theoretically, it should be possible to do 
> this...but I haven't yet figured out a reasonable way to 
> do retrieve the desired printer driver.  Any pointers 
> would be greatly appreciated...

How does this compare to how a Windows 9x client gets 
the driver information?  Come to think of it, how does
an OS/2 client do this with a Windows NT print server?

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