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On Tue, 06 Mar 2001 10:45:58 Gary Wilson wrote:
> Thanks for your response. By the way, the PDF how-to 
> collection was new to me. Very nicely done. I appreciate 
> it a lot.

It's a work in progress.

> I have read all of the parameters and the PRINTER_DRIVER2.txt 
> document (which is now in the PDF). I just reread them. I 
> think that I've got everything set up as far as I can go. I'm 
> using a printer admin user who is also mapped to be root. I 

Be careful with username mapping.  If you get mapped to root, 
then you are no longer the user in the 'printer admin' list.
Not that it matters since you are root :-)

> can install printer drivers using Server Properties and going 
> to the Drivers tab and clicking on add. But that's all that 
> works. The APW fails every time when I get to Finish. Since I
> don't have an addprinter command, deleteprinter command, 
> or an enumports command, I assume that is why it fails. But 


> there are no sample scripts for these and the utilities 
> themselves are not included, like make_printerdef is. So
> I'm not sure what to do next to get the APW to work.

make_printerdef is a depeciated tool and no longder 
necessary (read as "it's going away")

You do not need the APW unless you want to dynamically 
create printer (including adding them to the underlying
printing subsystem) on the fly.

The normally means for most people will be to see a list
of printers in tyhe "Printers..." folder, right-click and 
choose properties, and ifnally installa new driver to an 
existing printer.  By default, all printers will have the
"NO PRINTER DRIVER INSTALLED" (or something like that) listed.

Cheers, jerry
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