Tiny Change to allow spaces in valid users list

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Mon Mar 5 15:29:04 GMT 2001

I have to agree:
1. it would be nice for the parser to remain consistent between different
smb.conf parameters
2. people are already used to quoting to allow spaces in other areas.
3. we really DON'T want to make a change that will require modifications in
currently working smb.conf's for users moving to a new version of Samba.

My 2 cents worth,

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On Mon, 05 Mar 2001 08:56:07 John Trostel wrote:
> >       [foo]
> >               path = /tmp
> >               valid users = tom jerry
> > 
> > By inserting your change, will it break this and interpret
> > the account in the valid users line as 'tom jerry'?
> Yes... the change _would_ break this and make that entry be
> interpreted as 'tom jerry'.  It also means that you can't 
> put spaces after the commas (or tabs, or semicolons, etc.) 
> in the list.  To make the user_in_list function more
> intelligent in it's parsing of the valid users string would 
> reguire a bit more intelligence to allow space-delimiter 
> or delimiter-space, i.e. (' ,' or ', '),  in the string.

Given your comments above, my feeling is that the smb.conf
syntax parser should be robust enough so as to not fail
in the presence of an extra space.  :-)  (even if it is 
not bulletproof)

To me, Simo's comment about using "user name" is a more
intuitive sytnax (in fact, we use this now in the username.map)

Cheers, jerry
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