CR-LF Translation Proposal

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Fri Mar 2 22:36:14 GMT 2001

	On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 12:32:07AM +0100, flyer wrote:
	> Hi,
	> I'm in the need to transfer text files from a Linux box to a Win
workstation and consider the Samba inability to properly manage the CR-LF
translation a severe problem, if not a bug.
	> I red the FAQ about CR-LF translation (missing) support and I
don't agree with the theory of not letting Samba translate CR-LF sequences.
	> The default behaviour could be left unchanged but an useful
support could be given by adding a config option to allow translation for
some file extensions only.
	> The user itself could specify such extensions and in smb.conf
could take place an option like the following:
	> CR-LFtranslation = .txt  .doc  ...............
	> Thanks for your attention and please excuse me if this is not the
right place where submitting this message.
	> Best regards.
	> Andrea
	> Milano - Italy

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> There are many binary and mixed formats that require their own rules for
> the data, nevermind those that use checksums, etc etc etc. This is not a
> problem Samba should fix.
	Or can fix.

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