Mode in an open request and chmod in libsmbclient

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Fri Mar 2 23:37:32 GMT 2001

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> Subject:	Mode in an open request and chmod in libsmbclient
> Hi,
> So far I have ignored the issue of the mode of opened files. For example,
> when you do
>    smbc_open(file, O_RDONLY, 666)
> I ignore the mode (666) portion. 
> However, in looking at the underlying library I am using, I note that
> there
> is a call that sends an SMBsetatr request, so, ...
> I could map the mode bits in the reverse way that it is done at the
> moment,
> back to HIDDEN, SYSTEM, READ-ONLY, etc ... and then send the appropriate
> SMBsetatr request.
> This does bring up the topic of ACLs, however.  Since Samba 2.2.0 will
> have
> an ACL implementation, perhaps there should be SMBC calls that manipulate
> ACLs on files as well.  Here, I feel that we should use the standard UNIX
> approach to ACLs (POSIX) and map into what SMB wants to do.
	One of the distadvantages of using (nearly) straight POSIX ACLs as
an intermediate representation is that they are not a clean superset of many
of the potential underlying ACL implementations.  AFS ACLs are an obvious
example, but there are others which are more subtly incompatible.

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