Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Fri Jun 29 20:29:07 GMT 2001

Syzop wrote:
> Blah,
> I've mailed about 4 different things to this list:
> 1. good VFS auditting module which I was going to create/improve.
> 2. oplock_break problem (bug)
> 3. every user can lock every file
> 4. this
> But only reactions at the 1st mail were good,
> I received VFS documentation, etc, so that VFS module was coded
> pretty quickly.
> But at the 2nd+3rd mail I received absolutely NO reply from any
> developer at all (only from users, of course thanks to them,
> but that didnt help very much), and the 4th (very technical mail)
> wasn't even replied once.

If you want something to be investigated, a good description,
with a *REPRODUCIBLE TEST CASE* is needed.

For example, I'm going to great efforts with the Win9x clarion
problem that someone has reported (haven't been able to
reproduce it yet).

This is because the person included a link to the test code,
a full description of the samba versions being used, on what
platforms, and a full description of what the clients were

This gets attention. I vaguely remember your posts, so I
can't say they didn't include all that, but you might want
to ensure you have those details and re-post.



Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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