Syzop syz at
Fri Jun 29 20:18:33 GMT 2001

I've mailed about 4 different things to this list:
1. good VFS auditting module which I was going to create/improve.
2. oplock_break problem (bug)
3. every user can lock every file
4. this

But only reactions at the 1st mail were good,
I received VFS documentation, etc, so that VFS module was coded
pretty quickly.
But at the 2nd+3rd mail I received absolutely NO reply from any
developer at all (only from users, of course thanks to them,
but that didnt help very much), and the 4th (very technical mail)
wasn't even replied once.

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong or just say "I'm not interrested
in you postings" or <inserthere>,  whatever... just, tell me and I'm gone if
you want.
I'm coding because I need/want the things (/bugs fixed) at work, but I thought
I could also help the samba project by it...


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