DMB and RB questions, rescue me samba gods!

Tim Carr cygnusx__1 at
Wed Jun 27 18:47:09 GMT 2001

Argh, i'm venting some frustration here... Please could someone clarify some 
of these questions?  Any help is appreciated -- let me see my email inbox 
full to the brim! :)

1)	If samba is set to be the DMB (domain master browser), the local master, 
and is capable of winning an election for these (IE has a high os level)... 
and is ALSO set to use a WINS server (another computer running a samba WINS 
server)... if it can't connect to the WINS server, does it NOT become the 
DMB?  I see this in the log file:

  Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name 42<1b> for the workgroup 42.
  Unable to sync browse lists in this workgroup.

.. and then it never tries to become the DMB. If it tried, it would succeed, 
and it's set to try...  If I tell it not to use a WINS server, it DOES 
become the DMB.

2)  When does remote browse syncing actually occur, at what interval? Can I 
make it more frequent? If not, what's the default?  Also, is it active 
syncing (IE local side gives remote side info, then specifically requests 
remote's info), or passive (IE local side gives remote side info, then 
that's it).

3)  What level of debugging will show remote browse syncing in the the logs? 
No debugging? Or what level? Also, what log, log.nmb?

4)  How can I make my browse list update itself from the WINS server? IE if 
the WINS server has 100 entries, and my stupid browse list has only a few, 
how can I get the browse list updated? What the hell is the point of WINS if 
this doesn't happen anyways? :)

5)  How come the machine that actually runs the WINS server doesn't update 
it's own browse list either?! Yargh... I have a previous post about that.

It almost seems like the remote browse sync feature is vaporware, and 
doesn't really exist.. i'm THIS close to grepping the samba source code to 
see if it's in there :)

Thanks to anyone who can answer any of these questions -- try your hand at a 

Tim Carr
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