2nd post.locking problem, is it fixed?inCVS?

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Wed Jun 27 21:09:07 GMT 2001

"Nehemiah, Mark" wrote:
> more detail.
> just running the testlock program from one machine has worked(failed) for
> me.  just starting one instance, waiting until it says start the 2nd one,
> and then starting the 2nd one from the same machine in a different command
> window.  So far, I have just tested  win2k and 98se.  2k seems to work fine.
> 98se seems to fail ~80-90% of the time on 2.2.0
> I have never had a problem with one intance of testlock running on any
> platform.
> 2.0.7 seems to work fine every time
> current CVS  seems to fail also.. (now, maybe it's just my dilusional mind,
> but it appears to fail less running the current CVS.  ~50% or so .
> Definately very repeatable, but not every time.

Ok, I've been running testlk32.exe E:\ auto2 in two
command.com windows from a Win98 box against the current 2.2.1
CVS and it reports passed in both command windows.

I cannot get this to fail. Can you give more information
as to what you're doing to reproduce the problem ?



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