WinBindd NT Domain strip and home directory

Mathew McKernan mathewmckernan at
Tue Jun 26 12:31:00 GMT 2001

Hi all,
First of all I must congratulate the samba team on their great work over the
last several years. They have proved themselves to be the pioneers in Linux
<-> Windows interoperability. Thank-you all.

Now to my problem:
I am running Winbindd on a Linux 2.4.5 system. I wish to stop winbindd from
adding the NT domain name on the username. The Linux box does not have
duplicate usernames (as in the users on  NT are not on the linux box.) The
system is for students to use and I need to strip the domain name. Students
hate typing ;-).

Also we place our home directories on our server in a folder after their
group name (Yr10, Yr11, Yr7 etc.) I have a NFS server installed on the
Windows NT Box. I wish to mount the folders to /home/students. I can mount
the folder fine. So it means if i want to get to a students folder:
/home/students/yrlevel/username. But i would like winbindd to set their home
dir instead of /dev/null.

Any help would be appreciated,


Mathew McKernan
Linux Administrator
Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
mathewmckernan at

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