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Tue Jun 26 12:32:00 GMT 2001

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Big Woz wrote:

> what I'm trying to do:
> 	We have a NIDS that does user validation.... At the moment

I'm assuming this is some type of directory service. NIDS???

> 	everything works fine under normal use, but when a user decides
> 	to change their password it needs to be updated with the machine
> 	running the NIDS.  Under windows NT and 2000, I can sense when
> 	the password has been changed, but only under 2000 have I found
> 	a function that will request that password so that I can send
> 	the new one over to the NIDS.

There was (is) a DLL that can be hooked into the change password
routines on on Windows NT 4.0  (passfilt.dll I think).  This is
basically a library which is theory is to be used for implementing
a "cracklib" type solution.  However, IIRC novell had one which
caught the password (in clear test) during a password change
and sent it to their netware server.  Source code came
was available for an example DLL in NT 4 SP2 i think.

Cheers, jerry
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