files locked forever -- logs! :)

Syzop syz at
Fri Jun 22 20:10:30 GMT 2001

Syzop wrote:
-- cut --

> > As I say, I'm totally inexpert on oplocks.  But it sounds something like a
> > "known problem", which may be firefightable until the next release.
> Hope so, then I will be able to really enjoy the new samba 2.2 (:

(Yeah I'm replying to myself...)
Is it true this is getting investigated and will be fixed in the new samba?
Otherwise I have to try coding myself (and I don't really trust myself in that,
since I know not too much about the samba source/oplock stuff/etc).

Just let me now :P



PS: I'm not impatient, but I see 5 other active threads while this one looks dead :P.

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