Slow write performance with Win 98 and Samba (fwd)

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Jun 21 02:07:42 GMT 2001

Kenichi Okuyama wrote:
> Chris,
> >>>>> "CRH" == Christopher R Hertel <crh at> writes:
> CRH> The source of the slowness is the rabbit-poop writes.  What I need
> CRH> to figure out is what Samba is doing to cause Windows Explorer to go into
> CRH> rabbit-poop mode.  Somehow we are triggering this problem.
> Does this occur even when you stop delayed-ack?
> I have seen this problem with Linux, but not with FreeBSD.  And
> biggest difference between my Linux Machine and FreeBSD machine is
> that I stop delayed-ack when it connect with Windows machine, while
> on Linux, we have no way to do this for kernel 2.4.2.

How does *BSD achieve this. Is there a setsockopt()
call ?


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