New Feature Idea

Joe Doran joed at
Tue Jun 5 02:44:29 GMT 2001

Its already been done.


Ryan Fox wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have an idea for a new feature I'd like to see implemented.  I'd like
> to get a feel from everyone about the usefulness/feasability of this, as
> well as any suggestions.
> The idea I have is to set up a server side recycle bin, where samba
> could move files/directories instead of deleting them.  I'm thinking of
> options in smb.conf to turn this on/off, it's location, a maximum file
> size to be moved, and a minimum % of disk space free necessary to enable
> this.  These settings should probably be allowed to be set per server
> and per share.  The trash directory could be shared with the same
> settings as the original share, or not.
> I can probably code this on my own, but I'm sure someone else with some
> samba code knowledge can do it better, and someone with much c++
> experience can do it quicker.   But I'm willing to code it, if I'm not
> going to be the only one that gets use out of it.  :)
> TIA,
> Ryan Fox
> rfox at

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